Sanitation For Luxury Outdoor Events

Mother Nature provides a breathtaking backdrop for a variety of events. Some of these events can be fancy, with black-tie attire required. If you are planning an outdoor gala, charity ball, or other luxury event, you will need to carefully consider the type of restrooms that you provide for your guests.

The restroom facilities must be on par with the elegance of the rest of your event. Since many outdoor locations do not have functional restrooms on-site, you should consider renting portable restrooms to meet your sanitation needs.

Climate-Controlled Environment

A luxury restroom trailer can be a great option for outdoor events that are elegant and refined. You will want to ensure that your restroom trailer offers guests access to a climate-controlled environment. This will prevent guests from becoming too hot or too cold while using the facility.

Climate-controlled units can also help ensure that odor management doesn't become a problem. Your guests will welcome the comfort of an air-conditioned restroom trailer on a warm evening.

Running Water

An elegant event would not be complete without flushing toilets. When most people think of portable restrooms, they think of single-stall huts that contain a pit of excrement. Luxury portable restroom trailers are far removed from those basic units.

You can invest in a restroom trailer that has running water for your event. Guests can flush the toilets and wash their hands with clean, fresh water. A portable restroom trailer can be connected to an existing water supply, or you can rent a model with an onboard fresh water tank to meet the needs of your guests.


Your guests will need spacious stalls when using the restroom at your luxury event. Women dressed in ball gowns or cocktail dresses often want maximum privacy when removing these garments to use the restroom.

Trailers that house portable facilities can be equipped with floor-to-ceiling doors that completely eliminate any cracks or holes that might compromise a user's privacy. Be sure that your restroom facility is equipped with these types of doors to help your guests feel comfortable while attending to their sanitation needs.

The restroom facilities available to your guests should match the elegance and prestige of your event. Portable restroom trailers offer an experience that closely mirrors what guests could expect from a brick and mortar bathroom. Look for luxury finishes, multiple stalls, and stylish decor when renting a portable restroom trailer for your outdoor event.

Contact local portable restroom companies like RCS Inc to see what they can offer you.