Hiring a Professional Drain Cleaning Service to Deal with Your Drains

If your drains are clogged or running very slow, you may have a problem inside the building or in the main line of the sewer system. While you could attempt to clear them with chemicals and other methods, your best option is to hire a professional service to come in and deal with the stubborn drains.

Indications That the Drains Need Cleaning

A slow drain is a sure sign that something is blocking at least part of the drain pipe. Other times the drain may not flow at all, and in extreme cases, the drain can back up in a sink or bathtub, if the drain is completely blocked and someone is running water down a drain in another part of the building. Finding the cause of the problem and clearing the drain is essential, and hiring a professional is sometimes the best option you have.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning services are helpful if you have a stubborn blockage that you can't clear. They have the tools and the expertise to get to the blockage, see what it is, and remove it from the pipe for you. Often a professional service will place a small camera into the pipe to inspect it and see what is causing the issue. This also allows them to see other areas that might become a problem or are already hanging up paper or other debris as it passes by. Inspecting the pipe can also expose issues with the line and allow the company to see whether replacing the line is going to be necessary. 

Power Augers

Sometimes referred to as a snake, a power auger uses an electric or gasoline motor to drive the snake into the pipe. The motor forces the snake through the blockage and breaks it up into smaller pieces so that it can come out of the pipe. The machine is effective, and while you could rent one, the drain cleaning company will have one and know how to use it best. If the sewer line is heavily damaged, it is not a good idea to put an auger down the pipe, because it could do more damage. 

Replacing the Line

If the sewer pipe needs replacing, hire a sewer contractor to replace it. The cleaning company is not likely prepared or equipped to replace it. They can inspect the old pipe but not remove it from the ground. Coordinate the two companies and get the inspection information passed to the sewer company so they know what to dig up, what needs replacing, and what they can reuse.