Six Things You Can Do to Minimize Septic Tank Repair Costs Through the Years

Septic tank malfunctions are extremely inconvenient and unpleasant occurrences for a household. Septic tank repair costs can also add up quickly if severe malfunctions occur.

The following are six things you can do to minimize your septic tank repair costs through the years.

Avoid flushing substances that could cause septic problems

A lot of septic tank damage is caused by homeowners who flush items down their toilets that they shouldn't. It's important not to flush items like diapers, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, and paper towels. These items can accumulate inside a septic tank and eventually create clogs and overflows. The only things that should be flushed down toilets are human waste and toilet paper.

Don't use too much water

Excessive water consumption in a home means that the septic tank will fill up faster than it should. Also, excessive water consumption could make it more difficult for solid waste in a septic tank to settle to the bottom. 

Be reasonable when it comes to water consumption in your home. Reducing water consumption will not only improve your septic tank's condition, but it will also lower your utility bills.

Keep chemicals out of your system whenever possible

Putting a lot of chemical substances, like drain cleaners and paint, down your drains can disrupt the careful balance of good bacteria in your septic tank.

Bacteria in your septic tank helps to break down solid waste. If chemicals in your tank kill this bacteria, septic tank blockages and overflows become more likely.

Keep up on recommended pumping procedures

No matter how efficiently you use and maintain your septic tank, it will still need to be pumped out every few years. If you don't have pumping performed when necessary, the amount of sludge in your tank will build up to potentially damaging levels.

Don't carry out intrusive landscaping work near your septic tank

Mowing, cutting, and digging into soil carelessly in your backyard can cause septic tank damage. It's important to be aware of where your septic tank is located in your yard and to keep clear of your septic tank when using heavy duty landscaping equipment.

Don't plant trees or vegetation too close to your septic tank

Tree root growth is a common cause of septic tank damage. Tree roots can push through the ground so strongly that they can puncture a septic tank and cause it to leak.

Never plant a tree or any type of vegetation with thick, strong roots over the area where your septic tank is placed. 

Even if you follow all these tips, damage to your septic tank may still occur. When this happens make sure to call a licensed septic tank repair service for help.