Plumber Tips For Keeping Your Home's Septic System In Good Repair

If your home has a septic tank, then it is important you take certain steps to ensure its continued health. With proper care, your septic tank will last for decades. However, without proper care, your septic system will fail years before the end of its average useful life. To prevent premature septic failure, here are some tips you should follow.

Tip: Limit What Goes into the Septic System from Your Home

One of the most important things you can do for any residential septic system is to limit the water and solids that enter into the system. Septic systems are designed to process liquid and human waste solids. Septic systems are not designed to break down kitchen grease, feminine hygiene products, or any other solid materials. To keep the system safe, the only things that should go into your septic tank are water and human waste. Place all other household waste in your trashcan.

Tip: Limit the Amount of Water Entering Your Septic System at Any One Time

If your house is on a city sewer, then you can introduce as much water into the system as you want without any negative consequences. For example, on a city sewer, everyone in your family can shower one after the other, and you can even run your laundry and dishwasher at the same time if you choose. However, when your home is on a septic system, this action would flood out the tank and cause serious problems in your leach field. To protect your home's septic system, you need to limit the amount of water that enters the system at any given time.

Tip: Avoid Using a Lot of Bleach or Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

When you are cleaning your home or washing your clothing, try to limit your use of cleaning products and bleach. These things travel down into the septic tank and kill the healthy bacteria that the system requires to correctly function. If you use too many septic-damaging products, then the bacteria are not able to recover, and your tank will prematurely become clogged with sediment.

Tip: Have the System Professionally Inspected and Cleaned Regularly

Finally, even if you take care to keep your home's septic tank healthy, the system still requires regular inspections and cleaning performed by a licensed plumber or septic tank professional. Regular inspections, pumping out, and tank cleanings will keep your septic system flowing well for decades and will prevent small problems from ballooning into expensive system failures.

Contact a septic tank cleaning service for more information.