Things You Must Know About Your Septic Tank

If you haven't owned a septic tank before, you may be anxious to know what's needed to maintain the tank. There are a few things that you must understand about your septic tank in order to avoid a sewage issue.

Septic Tank Maintenance Schedules Are Crucial

The biggest thing that you must do as a homeowner with a septic tank is to make sure that you are following your septic tank maintenance schedule. This is set up so that your tank is pumped on a regular schedule to remove solids from the tank. These solids take a long time to break down and they can clog the tank or cause it to overflow if not removed on a regular basis.

The septic tank maintenance schedule makes it easy to empty the tank on a regular basis, without having to check the actual sludge levels; it's a conservative estimate of when the tank needs to be pumped, based on the size of your family and size of the tank. But you could also use a probe to test sludge levels yourself and schedule your septic tank pumping visits manually.

But besides that, maintaining your plumbing and septic pathways is critical. Drain cleaning, for instance, removes solids that are blocking the flow of waste material. This type of maintenance can be the key to preventing septic backup.

Drain Fields Must Be Protected

You also must be aware of the drain field itself. This area should be an area dedicated to the drain field, meaning that you don't store and heavy items directly over the space. It should also remain clear of yard waste and other debris that could potentially clog and overwhelm the bacteria in the biomat, the layer of decomposing bacteria that sits under your drain field. It's responsible for filtering solids from wastewater, and it can't do this very well when there are twigs blocking the flow of the water or there are additional solids to break down from yard waste.

You Can Often Predict Septic Tank Failure

And finally, you might be concerned about how to avoid a septic tank failure. There are a few signs that your septic tank is going to fail. The obvious one is when you see or smell waste around your tank. That could mean there is a leak in the tank or that the tank is damaged. But you should also be vigilant about how your plumbing fixtures and appliances are performing.

If you notice that multiple drains or toilets are slow to drain, that could indicate that your septic tank is backed up. Being aware of these signs could save you from a big problem. When these problems arise, consider contacting companies like Advanced Sewer & Drain Cleaning for further assistance.