3 Signs That Your Septic System Is Failing Due To Leaks And Damaged Baffles

Septic systems have two main components that process waste water from your home. These are the tanks and the drain fields. With older systems, tanks can have problems with leaks and failing baffles, which are dividing walls inside the tank. This can lead to serious problems with the drain field, as well as problems inside your home. Here are some of the signs that your tank has leaks or damaged baffles that are in need of repairs.

1. The Tank Becomes Full Of Solids That Back Up Into Your Home

The tank of your septic system can become full of solids quickly if there is not the right combination of affluent and bacteria to break down waste. When your plumbing starts to backup, you'll know that there is a serious septic tank problem. It may be caused by the tank filling up too quickly and the solids starting to slow the drainage of plumbing in your home. Contact a septic service immediately to address the issue and avoid further damage to your home.

2. Moisture And Plant Growth In Your Lawn Near The Area Of The Tank

Moisture is another problem that you may have to deal with. It can seep out through cracks in the tank or a septic drainage line. A good sign of a problem is when your yard is damp where it shouldn't be. You may also notice a foul smell and green growth when most of the other plants are dry. This is due to the water coming from the tank and providing plants with the nutrients and water they need to grow.

3. Constant Problems With The Drain Field Due To Solids Leaving The Tank

Cracks and damaged dividers can also cause septic drainage problems. If you're constantly dealing with waste in the drain field, you should have the tank inspected before the waste makes its way into the main sewer line coming from your home. It is important to check some of these problems if you have had previous septic line problems and continue to have the same problems. You may need to replace the drain field, as well as make improvements to the septic tank to address the cause of the problem.

These are some of the signs that your septic tanks are leaking or have damaged baffles. If your tank has these problems, contact a septic service like Jarrach Cesspools to help you with repairs or retrofitting your tank to ensure it is working properly.