How The Soil Can Affect A Septic Tank

A common misconception about septic tanks is that the waste goes into the tank where it is contained until it eventually needs to be pumped out. That is simply not true, since bacteria inside the tank breaks down the solid waste so that it can safely decompose in the ground outside of the tank. Therefore, the soil that the waste goes into can actually have an impact on a septic tank. When picking a spot to install a septic tank, you must consider the soil to pick the best location possible.

Soil With Rocks

While it is understandable to have some rocks in the soil underground, you want to avoid putting a septic tank in an area that has a lot of rocks in the soil. If so, the wastewater will quickly flow down toward the water table due to the spaces between all of the rocks. The wastewater will not have the time it needs to properly decompose, which could cause a health risk if you use well water. That is why you should avoid areas that have a lot of rocks or gravel in the soil.

Soil With Clay

A location with a lot of clay in the soil could make you buy a septic tank that is larger than what you normally need. That's because clay will hold water for a long time, which causes the soil that surrounds a septic tank to become saturated. The water won't be able to leave the tank and will need a place to go, which is why a larger tank will be necessary to limit the amount of wastewater that needs to leave the tank for it to function.

You can also be more mindful of how much water you use, since you do not want to flood a tank with water from showering, a running dish washer, and  running a washing machine all in rapid succession.

Soil With Sand

Sand can either be harmful or beneficial to a septic tank, but it depends on how coarse the sand is. If the sand is fine and drains well, it should be okay for the wastewater that comes out of a septic tank. Coarse stand will act just like gravel and cause the wastewater to sink too quickly.

If you're not sure if the soil around your home is ideal for a septic tank, get in touch with a company that specializes in the installation of them and septic tank pumping. They can come out to your home and take a look at the soil for you.