6 Things To Know About Septic Tank Pumping Safety Precautions

If you are having your septic tank pumped, it is vital that you understand all of the safety precautions that you should take while your septic tank is being pumped.

#1 Make Sure The Contractor You Hire Is Qualified

The best way to protect your safety and that of your home when your septic tank is being pumped is to hire a contractor who is licensed and bonded within your state for the purpose of pumping septic tanks. Make sure that you ask to see this documentation before you allow them to work on your septic tank. It is easy to overlook this step, but for the safety of your house and your family, you should not skip this step.

#2 Keep Pets Inside

Keep your pets inside while your septic tank is being pumped. The gases expelled from the opening of the septic tank could knock your pets unconscious and could potentially be fatal. Additionally, your pets could get in the way of your contractors and compromise the job that they are doing for you.

#3 Be On The Watch For A Rotten Egg Smell

If you are inside of your house while the septic tank is being pumped, you should be on the watch for a rotten egg smell. If you start to smell rotten eggs or a sewer smell inside of your house while the tank is being pumped, leave your house immediately and alert the contractors. Potentially dangerous gases are being released into your home which could compromise your health. 

#4 All Work Should Be Done Through The Manhole

There should be a manhole that covers up your septic tank. All work should be completed through the manhole. This is the best opening to use to clean your tank. If another opening is used on the tank, it may not actually be properly cleaned. 

#5 Stay Away From The Opening

Only the contractor who is certified to work on your septic tank should get close to the opening of your septic tank. Gases build up inside of your septic tank, and can knock you unconscious if you go into the septic tank without the proper respiratory protection. 

#6 Keep Flammables Away From The Tank Opening

Finally, the gas that is expelled from your tank while it is being worked on can be flammable. Do not light any cigarettes or try to fire up your barbecue while your septic tank is being pumped. There is no reason to create a fire safety risk. 

Make sure that you follow the six safety precautions outlined above in order to keep your home, family and pets safe while your septic tank is being pumped. 

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