Three Options To Upgrade Your Septic System And Avoid Future Problems

Failing septic tanks can do a lot of damage. They can contaminate ground water, cause problems with landscaping and damage the plumbing in your home. If you have to have major repairs done to your septic system, you may want to consider upgrades that will protect you from future problems. Here are some septic tank improvements that can be done for your septic system:

1. Installing A Multiple Tank System To Reduce Repairs And Conserve

If you want to reduce wear on your system and save on utilities and water bills, a multiple tank system can be good. This type of system can have separate tanks for solid waste and affluent. You can also use a tank for greywater, which will store greywater waste separately from sewage. The greywater can then be reused for things like irrigation. It can also be reused inside your home for things like flushing toilets with a minimal amount of filtration. This is a great way to reduce strain on your septic system and conserve water.

2. Lining An Old Leaky Tank With Synthetic Liner To Avoid Replacement

If you have an old tank, it may begin to leak over time. If it is a concrete tank, the structure itself may still be in good condition. There are synthetic liners available that can be installed to retrofit your septic system. This can be a great alternative to completely replacing an old tank. The liner will prevent leaks and help protect the concrete structure of your tank. This can be an option if removal and replacement of the old tank will be too costly.

3. Replacing Drain Field With A Modern Multiple Chamber System For Better Drainage

The drain field of your septic system is also important. The drain system is where the affluent goes when it leaves your septic systems. Older drainage solutions consisted of one drain tile pipe, which can easily be clogged or collapse. Newer chambered drain fields provide more area for drainage and are less likely to become clogged or collapse. If you have to replace the drain field, this is an option to prevent future problems and another costly replacement. These systems can also include a filter medium to improve soil filtration and prevent ground water contamination.

These are some septic system improvements that you can do to reduce future problems. If your septic system is failing, contact a septic service and talk with them about some of these upgrades for your home.

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